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How is the kitchen set up during the week of sailing?

fishing in boat

On board our ship, it is possible to have fresh produce all week long as we do the shopping the same day we set sail

Healthy eating is our rule, and everyone will get the chance to taste Skipper Alain's specialty! Alain, who has a passion for Mediterranean cuisine, will be happy to prepare original seafood dishes for you.

Is it OK if I suffer from seasickness ?

The cruise is never very rough. The first trip only takes about two hours, and after a good meal, you'll have plenty of time to relax.

We allow your body time to get adjusted to sailing, that way, even if you've always suffered a bit from seasick, you'll be surprised to see it disappear.

Can you give me any tips to help me pack my luggage ?

Don't bring luggage, but instead duffle bags. When going out to sea, people often tend to bring too many clothes.

Remember that you will be spending all week out at sea. It will be hot and you'll want to just wear your bathing suit or a T-shirt and shorts most of the time.

You might want to bring a sweat shirt along for the evening time.

Think about bring beach shoes and tennis shoes for when we go hiking. You can also bring along your own size of snorkeling gear (mask and goggles) to see the underwater wonders that the Mediterranean has to offer. Don't forget to bring along your favorite CDs so you can listen to then on board!

If you need a 12V battery charger (for your cellular phone, computer, i-pod, ecc.), don't hesitate to bring it with you.

How many people can the sailboat hold ?

spiaggia beach

There are three double cabins plus one for the Skipper. There is a double cabin that is a little bit smaller ideal for children.

With six people (two of which are children) plus one sipper, we'll still be very comfortable

Will we sleep in port

We will plan everything according to your wishes. If you prefer, we can stop during the week. We can decide the itinerary together the day we set sail

Will we be going to Corsica or Sardinia ?

The day we set sail, we can plan the entire week based on the weather conditions

We can then decide your choice of itinerary based on the weather. You will be fortunate enough to be in the middle of western Mediterranean paradise.

Can we bring our kids along on the trip?

La capanna dei bambini

This is your chance to take the perfect family vacation

Your youngsters will be in a perfect children's play-world giving them the chance to discover dreams and enjoy live, and we'll do our best to make them feel at home.

We have top-notch safety and security equipment on board.

For all your questions, the sailboat's Skpper (Alain) is available to answer you