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Catamaran Sailboat : Our boats are perfect for your cruise

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  • Our boats docked in Corsica
  • Caprera archipielago of La Maddalena, Italy
  • Catamaran Nomade in Sardegna

Do you have a big family ?

A catamaran with a single hull could be perfect for your family vacation.

We have different skippers who own boats perfect for you and your family

crewed skippered boats


We would be very happy to plan your group vacation in our sailboats.

Discover those quaint Mediterranean ports that you've always dreamed about : Unique experiences that you can share together.

Ocean and Colleen's boat sailing

Both on land as well as at sea, natural beauty dominates the scenery ;

We love going on excursions in the forest to hear the sound of crickets chirping as well as admiring the breathtaking views of the bays along the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia

Christopher on board the "Colleen"
boat charter catamaran Corsica

This boat has amazing maneuverability in port due to its shorter keel which allows her to take you to special places that other boats aren't able to take you.

The "Nomad", ocean-worthy catamaran is the best for cruises !
cruise skippered in Sardinia

On board a tropical atmosphere abounds, a route plotted intentionally by its commander. He will share his family's 7-year world tour with you .