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The sailboat is rented by the week We board in Bonifacio (Corsica) or in La Maddalena (Sardinia)


Price 2014 (per person)

  • From April 1st until June 30th

    416 €

  • From September 1st until October 31st

    416 €

  • From July 1st until August 31st

    550 €

* - The prices above are based on groups of at least 6 people - *

You will also need to add the cost of food, gasoline, and port-fees if necessary (excluding port fees of our original embarkation and final debarkation dates).

NOTE: Each trip planned must last at least 2 week

By "Cabin Rental" We intend the rent of the entire cabin: (whether it be for a couple or for a single person)

General Conditions

According to the laws and by-laws of our association, the entire amount of money paid by clients is spent on the rental of the vessel

Alain, the Captain of the vessel (who is registered in the vessel's logbook ), is not allowed to receive any type of compensation from the vessel's passengers, and instead is solely responsible for the vessel's good functioning and seaworthiness regarding all issues having to do with the navigation during the trip.

In order to make reservations on our sailboat, we will have to have received a down-payment of 50%.


In the case of the cancellation of a reservation, the association usually takes the deposit, but you can have the deposit back only if we are able to re-rent the boat to someone else during the same time of your cancelled trip and at the same price

. If a cancellation is made during the peak season (from July 1st until August 31st), we will be unable to refund your deposit.


The sailboat and its Skipper are both fully insured for. If you wish to cover yourself and your family with private insurance, you are welcome to do so on your own.


An inventory will be taken by the renter at the beginning of the trip so the condition of the sailboat before departing.


Bed sheets, bed covers and towels are available on board.