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Sailboat rental with your personal Skipper in Corsica and Sardinia Your Mediterranean dream cruise come true

  • E’ bella la vela
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  • beautiful spiaggia Corsica
  • archipelago La Maddalena, italy

We offer personalized sailboat cruises complete with your personal skipper (around the islands of Corsica and Sardinia and the beautiful national marine parks of Bonifacio and La Maddalena).

This sailboat trip is perfect for sea-lovers who wish to better their sea-faring knowledge

sailing in teh mediterranean sea
  • Learn how to sail
  • Swimming, fishing and scuba-diving
  • Seaside and inland tourism
  • Learn about Corsican and Sardinian wildlife and plant-life both on land as well as at sea

Discover exciting places that can only be seen from a boat . . .

Il mare gioia dei bambini

Alain Alain is a qualified Skipper and proud owner of this sailboat. He is also father of a family who lives in La Maddalena, Sardinia.

He regularly sails around Sardinia and Corsica, around the International Park of La Maddalena and Bonifacio.

L' alba sotto vella le bocche di Bonifacio

Alain is young at heart and loves sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and taking his clients on exciting tours . . .

He is ready to share his passion and his knowledge of the sea with you helping you, your family and friends discover the joy that such an experience can bring to your lives in the midst of the natural harmony that this stunning National Park offers.

We want to bring your a unique vacation:

rent sailing cruise private cabin

Our electric generator and water purifier allow us to be independent so your sailboat cruise can avoid interruptions.

It isn't necessary to pull into port, so you can sail from cove to cove for an entire week without even seeing civilization if you wish..


Lavezzi island

Why should you come on vacation aboard the sailboat "Ocean"?

"It's a superb travelling ship with personality . . ."
port of bonifacio

The trip begins in Bonifacio or in La Maddalena, two ecceptional places for anyone wishing to go on a cruise.

Here, your are already right in the middle of an area perfect for sailing which allows you to start your AWESOME trip right away...

We can sail around Corsica along the cost or out to sea anywhere in the Mediterranean where we can plan a custom built trip made just for you

  • The rental can include a cabin for couples or singles.
  • Plus, we can also furnish you with different types of ships, single craft or catamarans !

It would be much better to take your cruise on board the Ocean than it would be to rent a boat of the same kind without a skipper.

Why should you sail without a knowledgeable skipper ?